Rocksbulbous - 133 Early Autumn by Bonethor

Map Description:

Volcano island fort, my first place and quite chaotic one at that. Dwarves are fairly safe here but they've been bred for war through a forced boot camp and exposure to gore.

Point of Interest: Miner level

Down the main staircase several levels. The room encased in green glass contains the ending point of the 3x3 chasm in main level. There are etchings and a statue of the horror consort these dwarves seem to worship. Dining hall is next to this gore chamber. While the dwarves eat they may notice a puppy or a mayor getting crushed on the metal blocks after a long fall. Keeps them on their toes. - Bonethor

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2017-05-03 to 133 Early Autumn

Great looking fort here! Keep up the work!
Is that a magma moat I see being constructed?

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