Silverfinders - 1058 Mid Summer by Imeka

Map Description:

Silverfinders has grown much in the last years. I discovered Adamantine (Praise the Miners!) and a small cave river. And there was this patch of bare rocky felsite right beside my Gates just begging to be built over...

Point of Interest: The zoo aka vomit hall

An outdoor zoo. An too late attempt at fighting the cave adaption. My dwarves even make partys in it (I would not want to attend one of those!) - Imeka

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Submitted by: Gudamor - 2008-02-24 to 1058 Mid Summer

Damn impressive.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-02-24 to 1058 Mid Summer

Yeah... wow... cool artwork.

Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-02-24 to 1058 Mid Summer

Very neat-looking mosaic you have there.

Submitted by: Rodwin - 2008-02-25 to 1053 Late Autumn

Volcano, chasm, inner river... Do you have a seed number? ;)

Submitted by: Imeka - 2008-02-25 to 1053 Late Autumn

The world Mon Angstur, "The Plane of Myth" was created in version 27.173.38a, Seed Number 10041983.

Submitted by: Firemage - 2008-02-26 to 1058 Mid Summer

Rodwin, you have forgotten Adamantine! :D

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