Cinderrise the Mighty Fortress of Dawn - 1055 Early Autumn by Pantsuru Man

Map Description:

Initially just a test in aesthetic architechtural design, the combination of a surrounding area full of life and character, civilization names that fit and the starting seven dwarves generated with fitting names resulted in Cinder Rise lasting a little longer than expected and still ever expanding.

When Goldenhelm Praisedmines heard of the untapped potential that could be found in the unclaimed eastern mountain ranges of Zoza Ustra he was determined that his feet would be the first dwarven feet to climb the rocky mountains.
Although the surrounding woodland found at the base of the mountain range were kept under vigil watch by the Elves of The Roaring Wood and even had a few small settlements from The Angelic Confederacy no human or elf had explored the mountains that kept the woodland safe from invaders.
Forming a group of seven hardy, and what some critics inititaly claimed as "foolish", individuals the Goldenhelm expedition left behind the mountain homes of The Holy Tome empire to seek their fortune.
Establishing their foothold in the surrounding mountains Cinder Rise, later to be known as the Fortress of Dawn, became the mountain home of the Goldenhelm clan and the primary central hub for trade between the Elves and Humans on the eastern fringe.
The Goldenhelms to this day protect the mountains from potential invaders whilst their elven allies tend to the beautiful woodland and the humans watch over the plains and rivers.

The primary exports of Cinder Rise are a great wealth of obsidian crafts, building materials, spider silk and culinary foodstuffs.

Point of Interest: Sewer system

( 1055 Early Autumn → onwards )

The Cinder Rise sewer system was initially one of the more daunting tasks the Goldenhelm dwarves undertook. The complexity of the channel system and the decision to smooth the submerged tunnels resulted in heavy reliance on passing caravans and communal fishing in the fort's earlier years.
"I tried to argue that it would be pointless. Nobody would see the walls when they're ceiling high in water. He argued back that it just wasn't 'Dwarfy'. He won hands down."- Silverpick Alliedkeys, Miner Foreman. - Pantsuru Man

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-05-02 to 1055 Early Autumn

A very nice fortress indeed. Great job on it! I particularly enjoy your huge entryway.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-05-02 to 1055 Early Autumn

This fortress is massive. I enjoy the extra bits about the history.
But I'm curious, How many colossi have appeared at your door step?

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-05-06 to 1055 Early Autumn

Great fortress. I like the bedrooms as I also always like my dwafs to have floor space to get to things rather then walking over it (it would drive me nuts to have one line bedrooms. Also kudos on smoothing out the sewers, its somthing I ended up giving up on (due to pure logistics and dwarfs dieing of thirst).


Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-05-07 to 1055 Early Autumn

The sewer system is a work of art in itself x.x - good job with the fort.

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