Goldparch - 1061 Mid Winter by Yojimbo

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All major structure tasks have been completed. Several goblin sieges and ambushes have started to take their toll. We have lost half a dozen military and civilians in the last several years. The logistics for project X have begun as well...much more steel will be needed.

Point of Interest: McUrist's Pub 'n Disco

( 1061 → 1200 )

Founded in 1059 after the influx of traders and sailors the Pub has done very well. Here we can see a few patrons trying out the dance floor, the countess took up a job as a bar tender (just wish she would stop dancing on the bar top), the Mayor and her husband getting down on the dance floor, and the legendary Crossbowdwarf Uzoltat sitting in the back by himself trying to drown out the image of the countess on bar top. No one is quite sure where the music comes from but no one seems to know where the bathroom is either and the horrible thought that the two might be related some how keeps them from asking to many questions. - Yojimbo

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Submitted by: Yojimbo - 2008-05-24 to 1052 Early Spring

Goldparch was founded on the mandate for a port in the region to handle a major trade route through the area. This will include a light house, port facilities, warehouses, roads leading North and East and a garrison to defend all of it.

Goldparch had a very good first year. Housing and initial production of food stuffs and building material has already gotten underway. 11 immigrants have already joined the work force and have dove right into the projects at hand. The only down spot was that the first caravan wagons coming from the North were unable to make it.

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-05-24 to 1052 Early Spring

It would be very cool if you could build boats (wagons) in DF and send expeditions off. It could be an alternative to "abandonning a fort" ... you could go off and start a new outpost somewhere else.

Good work with your fort sofar.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-06-01 to 1058 Early Summer

Awesome. This is the first, "port-fort" i've seen.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-06-01 to 1058 Early Summer

Well themed, love the great map room.

Submitted by: Charrat - 2008-06-11 to 1061 Mid Winter

Wonderful fortress! I love all the non-functional elements, particularly the docks, map room, and lighthouse. The golden roof is a great touch.
Definately gives me the feeling that I am looking at a port city.

Submitted by: Analfish - 2008-06-13 to 1061 Mid Winter

You have inspired me to make my own port fort Yojimbo. Hopefully I will be releasing it soon.

Submitted by: Sukasa - 2008-06-16 to 1064 Early Spring

the HMS DwarfHammer is incredible! I'm very impressed with the design, it looks like a real ship!

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-06-18 to 1064 Early Spring

still looking good. I wasn't expecting the HMS DwarHammer and now the idea of a submarine pen is in mind.

Submitted by: Krash - 2008-09-27 to 1064 Early Spring

Dwarves sailing the high seas?! This is madness!

Submitted by: Nair - 2009-01-02 to 1064 Early Spring

This is one of the most unique and awesome forts I've ever seen. Good job!

Submitted by: Myroc - 2009-07-26 to 1064 Early Spring

From now on, every fort i make that reaches at least 30 inhabitants shall have a McUrist's Pub 'n Disco.

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Submitted by: Lacero - 2009-07-26 to 1064 Early Spring

I like the map. Great idea.

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