Lancethinned - 1066 Late Spring by corc

Map Description:

I was playing around with making my own tileset and let this fort run while I was doing graphics editing... it's the largest I've had (220 when the queen came). The large arena I made slowed my fps down quite a bit (15-18fps), so I don't think I'll do something like this again unless I limit myself to 50 or so dwarves.

I cheated a little... to get sand. The embark screen listed red sand, but I couldn't find it :( I'll point out my mistakes I made before I went ahead and added [sand] to the clay loam raw data. I had already made 100s of bags for the sand, and didn't want to waste time embarking again... which might have saved me time from what I actually did. :P

Point of Interest: Grand Arena

( 1066 Late Spring → onwards )

I don't know if I ever want to make something this big again.
There are 6 tiers of stadium seating around a protected glass domed fighting ring. The ring has 4 entrances to setup multiple opponents. Also, the entire arena is covered by a clear glass cross shaped dome.
It took 6 years to create this. - corc

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Submitted by: Charrat - 2008-06-17 to 1066 Late Spring

I like the tileset. Makes the fort feel very neat and tidy.

Submitted by: corc - 2008-06-17 to 1066 Late Spring

The boxart and font lettering are my work, but I stole the rest from other sets from the wiki.
I've got to work on it some more so the tables/chairs are better looking--I got use to them, but I dunno if others would.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-06-18 to 1066 Late Spring

That stadium isn't grand, its fucking epic...



Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-06-18 to 1066 Late Spring

seconded on the "grand" area.

also found your storage shaft interesting. I may have to steal it from you.

Submitted by: corc - 2008-06-19 to 1066 Late Spring

Seeing the arena from this viewer let me know how big and silly it really was :P

I had a lot of plans for it... big epic mega beast fights and all... but I only ever got a Hydra, no trolls in the sieges either! :(

Submitted by: corc - 2008-06-19 to 1066 Late Spring

I've been trying to perfect the storage shaft idea for awhile... I use to just glump everything into one custom pile, but this is the first time I separated each level to something different--I'll have to pay more attention to where the shops are and which stockpile is closest to them.

Thanks for the comments! :D

Submitted by: Arkhaoz - 2009-05-06 to 1066 Late Spring

Are you planning on releasing your tileset, or has it been already?

It looks damn brilliant!

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