Tombfortunes-P3lb0xandGI - 1053 Early Spring by Skiv

Map Description:

Second year of our succession fortress. I didnt do much, besides digging some rocks, building 2 ballistas and a catapult.

Point of Interest: Mines

Deep down, (6~layers lower) is the mines. Lots of gems, and other usless stones. - Skiv

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Submitted by: p3lb0x - 2008-06-21 to 1052 Early Spring

Watch out for zombie mountain goats Skiv

Submitted by: Skiv - 2008-07-03 to 1055 Early Spring

Year 1055, Liason Skiv captured Wild Bronze Collosus without any casualties :P I'M SO PROUD OF MY SELF!! :P

Submitted by: p3lb0x - 2008-07-06 to 1057 Early Spring
Right here Skiv

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