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Submitted: 2020-04-19 (View map)

A side view POI might be appropriate. 34z library tower...It's a grand plan, but I imagine all the channeling leads to fps loss without retire-unretire (which would throw about books).

In visualizers, 1z rooms feel cramped, and 2z feel like normal - but then, when *you* make a fortress, you want to aim above normal. Good work!

As a side note, the animal trap could be built, or perhaps placed in minecart on weight-sensitive pressure plate.

That spinning rampway is pretty neat to look at going down.

An issue I have with libraries in vanilla raws though is that each bookcase holds 100 books. Given that each discovery is years-long effort, a mammoth library with all the learned knowledge of the world, containing four hundred books....can fit in four tiles.

Thankfully, one is able to mod their size, or even smaller varieties. Though a single-book "pulpit" bookcase greatly resembles a pedastal.

Submitted: 2020-02-10 (View map)

Lovely amount of green. Considered ripping out of the walls to replace with green glass?

Submitted: 2020-02-06 (View map)

I like the elevated bedrooms! The doors are kinda hard to see, however.

Noticeable walking distances all around.

Looks like the layers are S-S-A-A-stone. The last one gets some flooding from above; might be able to get some waterfall thoughts if you place a portable drain under downstairs on z105.

So many farms; aiming for 250 pop?

Submitted: 2019-11-17 (View map)

Yeah, it looks lot more flat in 3d visualizer, an actual hillock in hill rather than a mountain. In 2d view, ten z-levels down is a lot, but ten sideways is nothing much - this makes it more visible.

I think an intuitive fortress designs being flat is partly based on how much player effort it takes to reach given area, so 1 z-level down is same as 100ish tiles sideways.

Submitted: 2019-11-17 (View map)

Well, this makes the geography easier to understand. Thought the initial pierce would be above general work area!

Submitted: 2019-10-31 (View map)

You embarked on volcano+river+sand+3 biomes? That's pretty rare embark, nice job finding it.

The bedrooms have nice hand-drawn look to the tentacles. Clearly, veins are wider. I might want to consider engraving the microcline to reduce its glare - but clearly you love the contrast with dark gray in your archery targets.

The rose gold tables really stand out. The jewelry stockile being a rhomb fits well with cut gems themselves being rhombs. You could painstakenly make diagonal stockpiles for each gem colour.

I feared enemies might penetrate through the gold veins when I saw them open. Looks like that happened, but it's not like there are not plenty of outdoorsy plant efforts.

There's some blood, but even normal soil in bloodthorns' cavern looks bloody. Combined with the slightly red-tinted water, it looks otherwordly.

Submitted: 2019-10-29 (View map)

Thanks! Though I may have overcomplicated the precision, here. I've been somewhat inspired by forts like Smallabbey or keupo's Slingcontrols or Dancingglove.

(Though to creator's eye, it still looks chaotic in large parts to me - other things like the bedrooms and corpses languishing in the sun as I focus on a particular shade of red.)

mapshot was broken for a while, so the only way to do this previously was to manually screenshot and stitch together. Not easy, that. Also, in default twbt distribution, you need to rename mapshot output files to order them for map compressor like twbt would do it, and then ignore its warning on unique tiles.

Submitted: 2017-09-16 (View map)

Hey, Tharis, finally got that screenshot you asked for, thanks to mifki's 3dviewer

Here's an image of what the person leaving the fort via ocean-pult sees and a link to fort to scroll around in, until mifki takes it down.

Here's another screenshot of the tavern area

And thanks, Salmeuk. ^^;;

Confusion comes easy with forgetting, but I still see new things in DF everytime I spend a day on it.

[Message edited on 2017/09/16 at 11:14 by Fleeting Frames]

Submitted: 2017-08-02 (View map)

I like the kimberlite pyramid. I recommend later replacing the walls with cobaltite.

Submitted: 2016-09-18 (View map)

Looking at the world's biggest rain collector, it is easy to be overwhelmed indeed.

So for now, I'll ask: Where did you store the lakes while smoothing their beds?

Submitted: 2016-09-11 (View map)

Yeah. Completed in summer (slow architects), it yields somewhere around 1k exp per day per dwarf (being very consistent). It takes longer to max out all five (Agility, Endurance, Toughness, Spatial Sense, Kinesthetic Sense), though. Many dwarfves have 4400-4900 caps.

Additional time is incurred to get all the military to station inside 1 room (sleep/eat/pray/etc.). There's also some fiddling with minecarts when they won't move to pick few of them up; this is generally solved by mass-forbidding them, letting them give a job cancellation, then reclaiming.

This implementation is decent for stat training citizens of preexisting fortress. It's technically child, sleeping citizen and pet-safe, but multiple people in one box gives only ~15% exp and 0,5% in armor user/something else iirc. In a new fortress, might want to make it the only way in instead though.

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