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Submitted: 2009-06-29 (View map)

Its a work of art, Its a real shame that the game was programmed to end after you mined out the adamantine.

Submitted: 2009-06-29 (View movie)

I guess when she left insane her mood was suspended in air to return when she came back and she commited suicide as part of the mood.

Submitted: 2009-02-16 (View movie)

It was probably a thief that dropped dead from cave spider bites.

Submitted: 2009-02-16 (View movie)

Ballistas for goblins on mounted whales? Dolphins? Perhaps carp? Also they could get food by using a screw pump to pump water onto the floor and I think it is possible to farm on muddy floor.

Submitted: 2009-02-16 (View movie)

That is very odd because you see the lava is on a chasm... so naturally it would sink into the chasm and dissapear. This seems to have the opposite effect. Personally I haven't had this happen on my maps yet. I just don't know..

Submitted: 2009-02-16 (View movie)

This gives me a brilliant idea. A ceiling connected to the outside and supported by a support connected to a lever. Goblins go under, Ceiling drops, water goes in, freezes. It was like the goblins were never there. Although now that I think of it that is just an overly complicated version of this.

Submitted: 2009-02-16 (View movie)

How do you make it so you can see what happens in combat with her?

Submitted: 2009-02-14 (View map)

This is beauty in its purest form.

Submitted: 2009-02-14 (View movie)

It was probably from a dead rodent, check your refuse stockpiles, if they are full then dwarves and cats will just leave rotting items around.

Submitted: 2009-02-14 (View map)

I do like the name of the map.

Submitted: 2009-02-14 (View map)

A bottomless pit, chasm, volcano, underground river, and adamantine. This is true beauty.

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