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  • Bedrooms - At ten per floor with 5 levels, these bedrooms provide just over half our fortre...
  • Water reservoirs - These 24 containment tanks will be able to send water every which way for the ma...
  • Gold Vault 2 - More gold.
  • Zoomed-out stalactite housing - Or stalagmite, maybe. Whichever the down-pointing ones are. My goal was to ge...
  • Dam wall (side) - A side view of the flooded resevoir dam. The towers provide access down below be...

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Submitted: 2016-09-26 (View map)

refinement, creativity, refinement!

Submitted: 2016-08-02 (View map)


Submitted: 2016-07-26 (View map)

Nice spot, great use of terrain.

Submitted: 2016-07-26 (View map)

Thanks Salmeuk & Tharis. The water columns are just storing water. Kinda preparing my routines to defending against sieges that have at some far future point can dig through walls. For this fortress they just store water for like... traps.

Submitted: 2016-06-10 (View map)

nice dwarfactory! There's always level in highly organised fortress layouts.

Submitted: 2016-06-03 (View map)

Wow, cool looking use of cavern formation

Submitted: 2016-05-08 (View map)

Very nice! I like the use of space

Submitted: 2016-04-14 (View map)

It's like a progressive fortress as much as I can judge!

Submitted: 2016-02-17 (View map)

Thinking along the same lines in means of production here as well! I'll upload something once I get a more finished point in my fortress lifecycle.

Can you point out anything peculiar you've learned from this new version or fortress of yours?

Submitted: 2016-02-15 (View map)

Wow, very nice, amazing use of simplistic flat y et multileveled architecture!

Submitted: 2016-02-10 (View map)

Inefficient and flat but fun!

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