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  • Magma dragon - This is my noble level. It's directly below the water dragon level at exact...
  • Stalactites from the side. - Looks a bit better there. Hopefully this turns out well when it's carved ou...
  • The workshops - A bowyer, two carpenters, and the siege workshop share a wood stockpile (there i...

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Submitted: 2017-01-30 (View map)

Nice, very tight indeed. that entrance could be awesome, half in the water, with the waves breaking onto the tower.

Submitted: 2014-09-14 (View map)

Cool! I like your stockpiles/workshops layout. What are the 158 and 159 levels?

Submitted: 2014-09-14 (View map)

Yes i used digv for some rooms/corridors. But also random designations with the mouse, turned out to be pleasing imho.

[Message edited on 2014/09/14 at 05:50 by goddosupido]

Submitted: 2012-11-10 (View map)

your tileset is awesome ! I didn't use the graphic set because i had trouble setting it, an issue with resolution i think. I'll fix this because critters look great with it ! great job !

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