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  • Forever Frozen Tomb - Having passed under the hated sun one last time, dead dwarves will be eternally ...

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Submitted: 2012-11-05 (View map)

I do not use custom tiles. The only thing I did, is change the tileset windowed mode uses to be the same as the tileset that fullscreen mode uses. Go to DATA/INIT/init.txt, and change the line under [WINDOWEDY:25] to [FONT:curses_800x600.png]

Submitted: 2008-06-13 (View movie)

Those are the impure rats, tricked by Elven magic, who dared rebel against our King. They are no longer considered dwarven and will be cleansed from dwarven society, by order of the King. Therefore, Shinfusur Ilir Toral, Brightcleansed the Joy of Laws, has been founded in the year 1051 by Judge Orblock.

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