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Submitted: 2008-10-17 (View map)

I can't actually remember, but fortunately my dwarves can - according to the engravings in the fort, Twolancers was founded in the early spring of 212.

Submitted: 2008-09-29 (View map)

Heh, it's actually the aftermath of a goblin ambush - though sieges always require me to increase the size of my refuse stockpile.

Submitted: 2008-09-21 (View movie)

Yep, butchered them all.

Submitted: 2008-09-21 (View map)

I'm not really going to change the temple at all (Apart from removing the three staircases at the sides).

And those (phyllite) bridges are basically greenhouses - I don't really need them there, but it makes it easier to access the doors to the northeast.

Submitted: 2008-09-02 (View map)

Bauxite, with small microcline roads either side.

Submitted: 2008-09-01 (View movie)

It's paused for a while at the end while I slowly realise what just happened.

Submitted: 2008-09-01 (View movie)

I guess he fell unconscious (or asleep) on the trap. Nasty :(

Submitted: 2008-08-31 (View map)

"Oh the irony."
Very funny :P
I actually thought, "How is that ironic?" for a minute, until I eventually realised.

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