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Scrapbook / FIAF - File In A Folder
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

The description: File management system, for the folder, where the file is.

In more detailed words, this scripts lets one admin user securely add and remove files from a folder on their webserver. It also provides a list of files in the folder for all who view it. This allows an administrator to do all their uploading / deleting through their webbrowser, which they may find faster and more convinient then using an FTP Utility.

The script was written using PHP, taking advantage of functions including Sessions, Secure Login, File Upload, Mime Type Checking, Directory Functions, Server Variables and Plenty of misuse error reports.

Configuring the script involves changing a few variables near the top of the source code, and chmodding the directory that holds the script to 777. Annoying, but necessary.

If you want a copy, email me.