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Scrapbook / Flower
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

The flower program is a very important and interesting design application. Have a play! design yourself a flower, and then save it to the server.

Don't be frightened, it doesn't bite. I mean, really.. people are afraid to click on things. Ocasionally it spells doom and disaster, losts bits and bytes here and there: but here, no worries. Play to your heart's content.

The flash here allows you to modify a single petal, which is duplicated in rotational symetry of a factor defined by you. A set of colour controls also allows you to bring light and life into your designs.

The data for each of the control points can be sent to a database by clicking on the Save button. This will keep your designs locked away for all to see under the Gallery. Its all rather nicely put together.

Feel free to contribute!

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