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monster heart brain blubber 3D Studio Max procedural textures

Scrapbook / Monster Components
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Recently I've been designing some organic components for potential use in some "Space Monster" based mods for Space Empires IV, Starfury and Space Empires V.

The image above is of a monster heart followed by a monster brain and monster blubber below.

The images were created in 3D Studio Max using procedural textures and a hefty sampling of mesh smooth.

I designed the images to be iconic, initially the user would be presented with a 36x36px icon of the image, used for summaries and lists. The higher resolution images you see here are aren't required for Space Empires IV or Starfury but provide excellent detail / previews for the upcoming Space Empires V.

Because of Space Empires V, the quality of the rendering needs to be much higher. Components in earlier games were much blander and iconic, lacking realistic detail and lighting; this isn't necessarily needed but is quite cool to look at.

Monster Brain

Monster Blubber