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-0001/11/30 00:11:00

The graphic above is a pre-concept 3D model/design of the table that I designed and made (using wood, steel, screws and welding flux) during my time at school.

I'm dead proud of my table. I'm sitting at it right now, 4 years later.

The table almost looks like the diagram. It actually only has 1 drawer and a single cupboard. The steel used for the frame is proportionately thinner as well.

Still, its a very sturdy design. The steel frame is 'rock solid', and there is tons of table area on top. You may notice the dodgey curved back to the table. This special design element means I can slide the table under my bay window at home giving me table space right up to the windows; stopping pens and stuff rolling off the back.

I got an A for that project at school, I'm not complaining. The table was the best part of that course since I'm still using it.