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-0001/11/30 00:11:00

Pretty damn obViÒuS? ThÍs script convÈ®ts normal cÒde into haX0r spéak. well, chÄnges a few letters aRounD anyway.

Type !n yOur text, cHoose â encoding lêvel (hig/H* dium/low), and the scripT WIll randomly pick a new letter for each of thÉ character§ it encounter§.


Ádvañtage of my versioÑ oVer other convertËrs out there - mÌne iS still readablÊ ÃftÉr coÑversioN, giving Text a kinDa cool edge.

9õod for ëncod!ng paragr4pHs of text, like an £ma!l, or somÊ sweet hax0r site. I'M kinDa prøud I wrote The s¢ripT. "An experiment inTó character replacement and strinG manipulaTÌoñ".*