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Scrapbook / Woman with no legs
-0001/11/30 00:11:00

The lady here is a demo, a test... of my new WACOM Graphire3 drawing tablet. Wooh.

Having a drawing tablet doesn't mean you can draw. Its actually harder to draw on it. Its just a 'different' way of interacting with a computer. Its better for some things then using a mouse. But most the time using a mouse is faster because you don't need to move your hand as far - the reaction of a mouse is faster then a pointing a pen.

The woman, like I said, is just a test. I started with the body/dress, added a head, as even as far as adding arms, but decided not to risk the legs. A bit of detail and effort went into the face. Its not meant to be realistic or anything. It works fine as a demonstration. Its drawn in flash, which has handy smoothing features when you innacurate lines to the screen, definitely a useful feature.

Software is the key to the success of a drawing tablet in my opinion

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