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This section of USy is for space graphics of interest and style.

Space Scenes

Etheirian Technotheocracy - TauCeti

Made by TauCeti Deichmann using Organica and Imagine, with post processing in Corel based off two separate renders.

The Etheirian's are described as "perfect pacifists", although being "extremely ruthless and conniving", using advanced technology to acheive their own ends. The ship below is a large render of the Heavy Dreadnought, available in TauCeti's NeoStandard SE4 fleet.

The middle image Effulgent is comes with the description:
"The destruction of the Effulgent Enlightenment, and our first contact with anything outside our home-moon. An unfortunate event with far reaching philosophical and political repercussions."


Rebob Spacehips - Terran C

Made by TerranC in DoGA using various predseigned sections.

Rebob - Gannie Rebob - Dreadnought Rebob - PT Trek

Tylmai - John Beech

Made by myself.. featuring the new 3D model versions of the Tylmai destined for use in SEV and SF. Tylmai ships gather near a sun. Battleships and Destroyers refuel at orbiting Battle Stations while a fleet led by a Dreadnought and two Heavy Carriers pass through on border patrol.

Tylmai - Sun Scene


Below are a set of different ship schematics made by various authors.

Ryan Begemann - Asguard Nova class ship Ryan Begemann - Goa'uld attack ship Ryan Begemann - Planetarion cruiser