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Null Space Mod
A revision of the Devnull Mod that features improved graphics and sounds, plus a missile-slinging AI that is more vicious than ever. Requires the latest version of the Image Mod (combat, component, facility, and planet), the Sound Pack, the Fading Suns Music Mod, and Black Knyght's System Collection.

http://spaceempires. net/downloads-file-9 57.html

Published 12th Apr 2015
Balance Mod v1.20 Alpha Released!
An Alpha version of the Balance Mod v1.20 has been posted. It features some changes to the tech tree, uses the "Small Systems" add-on and adds a few new components.

Try it out here:
Balance Mod v1.20 Alpha

It's a little rough around the edges so that's why I've labeled it as an Alpha. All the new items have been updated along with the tech tree but not all of them have new images yet. The AI is mostly competent but hasn't been updated fully to all the new changes or strategies. Also note "small systems" are now default.

Please note you will not be able to use any of your saved empires, game setups, maps or saved games created with the Balance Mod v115+ series.
Published 5th Mar 2015
Balance Mod v1.19j Available!
A new update is finally available for the Balance Mod. Version 1.19j focuses on a host of fixes/improvements for the AI.

You can download the v1.19j update here:
Balance Mod v1.19j

You can see the changelog here:
Balance Mod v1.19j History

Published 7th Jan 2015
Warp 10 Mod 2.3.1 release
Expanded release for Warp 10 Mod for SE5

https://onedrive.liv e.com/redir?resid=A8 EBB1E1AF6F54DC%21200


It's a bit of an alpha release, and HUGE(.9G). NOTE: this is a full mod package, you should not need any files from previous versions. It includes the shipsets for all 25 main races.

Mod features:
This is a Star Trek themed mod for Space Empires 5.
I expanded the tech tree to add many options not present in the stock game.
2.2.0 had 15 main race traits, in 2.3.1 this has been expanded to 25.
Each main race trait has access to a selection of the new techs, for more information see the file in the mod labeled racedata2.xls.

What it lacks:
there's a minor glitch with the baseship model for Vulcans, the game keeps complaining about how it's allegedly missing a texture file, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. (The Baseship displays fine)

The 10 new races don't have functional AIs. I'm planning to add those later.
Published 21st Aug 2014
ReStock Mod 5.0 for SE4 Gold Now Available
This mod combines FQM with the AIs from the TDM ReMod, all packaged with much nicer race and ship graphics to optimize your stock game experience. Requires the latest versions of Image Mod (combat, component, facility, and planet), the sound pack, and the music files from the Master of Orion 2 Music Mod.

Download ReStock 5.0

Published 17th Aug 2014
New AI for Swarm
I found this race in the shipyards, unfortunately ascribed to unknown and without an AI. (If someone claims the shipset I'd be happy to credit them.) So I wrote an AI for them:

Essentially, they are nasty little breeders who aim to overcome their opponents by sheer weight of numbers. I have made them liable to react angrily and violently if you prod them,
but, if you leave them alone, they might well leave you alone - or they may not.

Download The Swarm

The Swarm are a race of wasp-like insects who have evolved a form of communal intelligence. They are very aggressive to wards other species whom they regard as either food or warm bodies in which to incubate their young. They have three sexes : females (identifiable by their long ovipositors and larger heads); less-numerous males (who are smaller and have larger wings); and the sexless drones who provide a hive's workforce. Studies on dead specimens indicate they are carnivorous and feed through injecting digestive enzymes into their victims and sucking out the liquefied matter.

Little is known of the Swarm social structures as attempts to communicate with them usually end in the scientists being eaten. The Swarm are led by a Queen who represents the hives when they deign to communicate with other species, how a ruling Queen is chosen is not clear.

The history of the swarm is vague, some think they are a biological weapon which escaped from their creators' control, others that they are the Wrath of the Creator unleashed on a hapless galaxy. What is known is that periodic population pressures or food shortages cause the Swarm to leave their home planets and conquer new worlds. A few survivors have told of the horror of Swarn-Occupied worlds. When they capture a new world, they round up its fuana into herds for food, and select hosts for breeding. Hosts have eggs laid into them which they may carry for months as the young develop - once hatched the larvae may feed off their former hosts for weeks before entering their pupal stage.

Published 15th Jun 2014
100 Shipsets!
Olympus now hosts 100 SE3 shipsets!

Olympus Champion shipyards has been semi-actively maintained as a lone lighthouse that one may come to access shipsets for Space Empires III. Due to a recent turn of events site owners AdmiralMartin and Blueoriontiger have been uploading a slew of shipsets that have been found in a backup for an undetermined amount of time.

In comparison to the 13 shipsets that have been hosted when Blueoriontiger started Monday (and have been that same number for five years), they've reportedly hit the 100 mark as of Wednesday afternoon, uploading over 80 shipsets in the span of three days.They are continuing to upload and hope to eventually have all Space Empires III shipsets in their backups uploaded.

Olympus Champion started out as a more visual appealing hub that Space Empires enthusiasts could visit the site and download shipsets to play their games with. The site has gone under numerous iterations since 2004, its last V7 refit taking place in 2007. Eventually they grew from hosting their own shipsets to others, starting even conversions of Space Empires IV shipsets to SE3 format.

As of now only a small handful of abandoned SE3 sites remain thanks to AOL Lifestream and Geocities closing down and redoing their services, most just abandoned due to site updates dating back since 1999. In 2004 it received popularity on the Shrapnel forums for the slogan "Keepin' SE3 Alive!", which it seems to be doing up to this day, at least in terms of shipsets.

You may visit the site below:

http://016a02e.netso lhost.com/secom/ocsy /
Published 1st Sep 2013
ReStock Mod 4.0 for SE4 Gold Now Available
This mod combines FQM with the AIs from the TDM ReMod, all packaged with much nicer graphics and sounds to optimize your stock game experience. Requires the latest versions of Image Mod (combat, component, facility, and planet), the sound pack, and the music files from the Master of Orion 2 Music Mod.

Download ReStock Mod 4.0

Published 9th Jan 2013

Main News

Tylmai for SE5 - 18th Sep 2006

As I'm sure many have been noting SE5 is steadily moving closer to release with an SE5 demo now available from StrategyFirst.

To briefly whet your appertite further why not look at the new style Tylmai fleet destined for SE5 along with some video tutorials on how they were created.

On a side note, posting comments have been disabled for the moment due to spambots. All the original comments have been preserved however.

Mok'Akah Expanse - 9th Jan 2006

Today I'd like to present the Mok'Akah expanse, the third of Azelendor's fleets that he sent to me.

You can check out this burning rendition by following the link below or heading to the SE4 section. Download, enjoy. Its a neat shipset.

Sovereign Nation of Pacea - 29th Dec 2005

I've posted the second of Hadrian's, or should that be Hraedrano R.G. Azelendor's, fleets that he sent me weeks ago. I am so slow right now. /me blames xmas.
I also fixed the link to the Zedron Fleet by uploading the file. ::doh::.

I hope you download and enjoy these fleets in your next game of SE4, they have perfectly worthy AI to thrash.

Zedron Empire - 4th Dec 2005

Today I've posted the Zedron empire and a short review. Its a classic produced by Azelendor, and has some very high detail texture work.

Shortly following will be the PaceanOne and Mokakah fleets, also by Azelendor.

Pyrochette Race Added - 26th Nov 2005

One of the first fleets ever made for SE4, I'm proud to have the Pyrochette Empire featured back on USy.

I presume I still have the rights to post it here, I'm sure the creator wouldn't mind.

Zarizar Technocracy posted - 25th Nov 2005

TauCeti has sent me another fleet to post on USy, this time the Zarizar Technocracy, a race he created for Rob Allen Beckwith.

TauCeti also sent me two more renders for the Gallery, which are well worth viewing.

Etheirian Technotheocracy - 14th Nov 2005

The other week I was posted this sleek new shipset from TauCeti Deichmann, the Etheirian Technotheocracy, who are well worth checking out.

In addition, a large render of the Heavy Carrier from this fleet has been added to the gallery, for extra impact.

Tylmai Update - 30th Oct 2005

If you've followed the links through to the gallery you'll have seen a space scene of the new Tylmai race I've been working on for SE5. Well today, after much toil I've finished the work on the basic set of models and can move on the next stage.

To feature them, I've posted a render of the main vessels on the SE5 page to get a glimpse at all the ships.

Gallery - 25th Oct 2005

In the gallery today you should be keen to notice spaceship artwork from TerranC featuring renders his soon to be Rebob fleet, as well as a preview/render of the new Tylmai ships orbitting a glowy orange sun.

Eye candy for everyone!

Mod released - 25th Oct 2005

I've just finished tweaking up an old interface mod I found a few days back. Its completely graphical, so won't effect any games you're playing, but it comes in its own mod folder so you can test it first.

So, check out USy Grey UI v1.25 from the SE4 Mods page now!

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