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Space Empires IV

Space Empires IV, the biggest game release from Malfador Machinations since 2000, is a 4X turn based strategy game where you take control of a fledgling space empire. This section contains various SE4 related content for your consumption.

In this section

  • SE4 Races - A selection of custom races to use in your games of SE4
  • SE4 Mods - USy mods and links to other popular mods for SE4.
  • SE4 Links - Recommended links to other SE4 websites.

Featured Races

Etheirian Technotheocracy Cruiser

Etheirian Technotheocracy

  • Compatability: SE4 v1.70
  • Etheirian.zip 606 kb
  • Creator: TauCeti Deichmann
  • My Rating: 5
Zarizar Technocracy Cruiser

Zarizar Technocracy

  • Compatability: SE4 v1.70
  • Zarizar.zip 674 kb
  • Creator: TauCeti Deichmann
  • My Rating: 4