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Gryphon Sector

Created by Arlen Lakeman
Programmer: Markavian
Download: gryphonsector.zip
Size: 389 kb
USy Rating: 5
Version: 1.00

My review:

Another long awaited fleet. This is another prize in my box of racestyles. The original few images for these ships looked great, and Arlen really pulled out some brilliant, smooth, sleek spaceships for the fleet. I used to have a enlarged pic of the dreadnought, looked.. amazing.

Production Notes:

Modelled and rendered with Bryce 4.

Unsure on AI version

Escort Frigate Destroyer Light Cruiser
Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Light Carrier Carrier Heavy Carrier Colony Ship
Satellite Space Station Battle Station Starbase
Small Transport Medium Transport Large Transport Mine
Small Fighter Medium Fighter Large Fighter Fighter Group
Small Troop Medium Troop Large Troop Drone
Small Weap-plat. Medium Weap-plat. Large Weap-plat. Fleet
Satellite Group Mine Group Race Portrait Race Emblem


Sweet Ships..

Posted by: Tevlik, 2005-10-21

Right up there with the Tylmai, this fleet transcends all terrestrial levels of brilliance and sets it among the stars. I have scrutinized this set exhaustatively and have found it to be perfect.

Posted by: der_maestro, 2005-10-21

Fully Awesome. I have seen many races and this is just about if not the best race out there!

Posted by: W1REF1RE, 2005-10-21

excellent work man.

Posted by: perfectionist, 2005-10-21

I didn't realize my great-grandfather controlled an entire race... Or do you not know that's him?

Posted by: Ccyl, 2005-12-17

An excellent shipset. It suggests that this race is a battle-hardened and ready-for-war species, while they maintain their calmness and willingness to talk peace. The race portrait is really cool, too. I mean, what is that? A squid? Worm? Jellyfish?

Posted by: Tzryylon 5, 2006-01-04

The portrait looks like something you might find in Spore.

Posted by: Markavian, 2006-03-04

Interesting ground to put the Weapon Platforms on. Where is that? Mars? Nuclear Earth? Some other pathetically conquered planet that used to be someone's capitol world until these guys went totally genocidal as we knew they kick-ass would?

Posted by: Egos IV, 2006-06-10

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