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Cytherian Peuan

Created by Hadrian Aventine
Programmer: Markavian
Download: cytherianpeuan.zip
Size: 353 kb
USy Rating: 4
Version: 1.00

My review:

This highly detailed fleet has subtle yet noticeable undertones of Star Trek. Hadrian, you know it! Its cool though. Hes still got the running injoke about the colony ship.. the fleet overall has a good feel, the sizing is nicely done, and there is more then enough detail per model for the final render. I particularly like the transports. Very transporty.

Production Notes:

Made with Moray 3.3. Rendered with Povray.

Escort Frigate Destroyer Light Cruiser
Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Light Carrier Carrier Heavy Carrier Colony Ship
Satellite Space Station Battle Station Starbase
Small Transport Medium Transport Large Transport Mine
Small Fighter Medium Fighter Large Fighter Fighter Group
Small Troop Medium Troop Large Troop Drone
Small Weap-plat. Medium Weap-plat. Large Weap-plat. Fleet
Satellite Group Mine Group Race Portrait Race Emblem


This fleet kicks ass!

Posted by: ExiledSpectre, 2005-10-21

It's all good, but what happened with the troops? Did the guy get lazy or something?

Posted by: Ccyl, 2005-12-18

Very nice looking ships, with a different setup / shape than I'm use to. I like 'em!

Posted by: Pax, 2005-12-29

WOOT! What a way to make a new race really kick ass

Posted by: sso9ui, 2006-01-04

Wow... It's like the dark side of the galaxy... But, of course, there's a good side? *maniacl laughter*

Posted by: Egos IV, 2006-06-10

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