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Gtkk : Neo Canadians

Created by John Beech
Programmer: Markavian
Download: gtkk_11.zip
Size: 234 kb
USy Rating: 4
Version: 1.10

My review:

This fleet was commissioned by Gtkk, whos kind input sparked the ideas for many of the great vessels you see in this fleet. I am particularly proud of the destroyer, simlpy because I feel its the best balanced of all the images.
I had made a prototype space station that looked alot better then the ones in this fleet, but render time forced me to use the simpler blander ones. The carriers came out really well too. I hope you enjoy this fleet as much as I enjoyed making it.

Production Notes:

Created using Moray 3.3 and Povray 3.x

Escort Frigate Destroyer Light Cruiser
Cruiser Battle Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought
Light Carrier Carrier Heavy Carrier Colony Ship
Satellite Space Station Battle Station Starbase
Small Transport Medium Transport Large Transport Mine
Small Fighter Medium Fighter Large Fighter Fighter Group
Small Troop Medium Troop Large Troop Drone
Small Weap-plat. Medium Weap-plat. Large Weap-plat. Fleet
Satellite Group Mine Group Race Portrait Race Emblem


Absolutely one of the most visually stunning sets (the satellites are by far my favorite!). The race portrait is unfortunately twodimensional, but it certainly does look Canadian.

Posted by: der_maestro, 2005-10-21

Cool shipset, but I miss the old canadian one. Where is it?

Posted by: Andrés, 2005-10-21

The original Canadian fleet can be found from the main races page.

Posted by: John Beech, 2005-10-21

add the drone dammit! wheres the drone? i wanna use this set but the missing drone is sad.

Posted by: guy who doesnt like missing dron, 2005-10-21

man, there's a sight! (this is THE Gtkk... fyi.. Email me alsid7th@hotmail.com) ... Almost forgot how good they looked!

Posted by: GTKK' Alsid Prime, 2005-10-21

Old Canada was better! Daz Telivva!

Posted by: Tzryylon 5, 2005-12-17

While my esteemed colleague Tzryylon may be set in his mindset, I am willing to accept change. These ships are pretty cool, like some 80's-style alien fleet. I think that that era was THE era of sci-fi. Good work.

Posted by: Ccyl, 2005-12-18

This set was always one of my favorites, and now that I'm getting back into SE ... it still is. ^_^

Posted by: Pax, 2005-12-29

Give me a drone and I'll download it. I don't want to have to design one myself... that's the right of the shipset's origional author. I could never create one as good as he could. Substitution wouldn't work either.

Posted by: Zhishreggavax, 2006-04-17

I like the light blue energy ribbons underneath the sections that look like hull armor. They suggest a massive weapons array, or shield generators, or whatever. I am sad that the drone is not here, but from what I understand, the game merely substitutes a generic portrait for every missing file, dosen't it?

Posted by: Egos IV, 2006-05-18

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